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Father Harry, like Odysseus, traveled on epic journey's, faced many temptations, obstacles and tests.  He was between a rock and a hard place far too often, failed, displayed weakness, but always returned to his Church.  'I'll Never Tell' is a 2017 "Independent Press Award" winning book. 

"Monsignor Harry Schlitt is a survivor from that tsunami of more than 400,000 priests who left the ministry in the aftermath of Vatican II. In this vividly expressive memoir, Monsignor Schlitt relates the stories of priest friends who made this painful decision. He does so in a spirit of understanding and fraternity. Innumerable lay people who have benefited from Monsignor Schlitt's priestly ministries are likewise grateful that he remained active in the vocation that has defined his life."  - Kevin Starr

" I'll Never Tell " - REVIEWS

from Hawaii....

... here I am on the beach right across the street from where we live. I started your book just before we left - continued reading it on the plane, and finished reading it on the beach on the 8th...  You have lead a very interesting and exemplary life, overcoming much adversity during the process.  You omitted no detail which leads me to believe that you must have been keeping a diary much of the time...

from a St Agnes High School girl...

This was a short trip down memory lane for me as I was very blessed to know Fr. Harry during my junior and senior years of high school in Springfield, Mo. In fact I was one of the senior girls in his pre-marriage class that married right out of high school. I think Fr. would be rather relieved and pleased to know that Pat and I celebrate 45 years of marriage this year and enjoy our life with three children and ten grandones.  

a review from a reader

  5 out of 5 stars  

  Very enjoyable. Great read.  

an evaluation

I would recommend “I’ll Never Tell”. It is well written and informative. I enjoyed getting a perspective of what it is like to decide to become a Catholic Priest and the commitment that a Priest makes to continue to bring God into so many lives. I especially liked reading about his early days in Rome, living in the Vatican and attending the North American College. Father Harry’s award winning programs on television have touched so many people over the years. 

an Amazon reader

5.0 out of 5 stars an enticing story; a rewarding read Monsignor Harry Schlitt – or Father Harry as he is known by many – has written an intimate memoir that spans from his infancy days to the present, full of stories of the people...


an entusiastic reader

Great read! Father Harry gives a keen periscope view into San Francisco and the Catholic Church in the late 20th Century. We need more priest with his humor and warmth!