Fr Harry/God Squad Productions


The TV Mass team

Join the television Mass community each Sunday morning.

 - Watch on Sunday morning:

  In San Francisco - KTSF (CH 26) at 6:00 AM -or- KOFY (CH 13) at 6:00 AM  --  and in Sacramento - KTXL (FOX 40) CH 40 at 6:30 AM.

The TV Mass is produced at Holy Cross Cemetary's All Saints Chapel in Colma, CA.  Each week the TV Mass follows the Catholic liturgical calendar.  Every Mass is closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.  Monsigor Harry G. Schlitt (Father Harry) is the TV Mass celebrant.


Father Harry helps many people.

Father Harry celebrate Mass at parishes to help priests who are away or need assistance with liturgies.


The community benefits from Father Harry

  Father Harry engages in civic events and celebrations.  Above he is with former San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto's daughter, Angela helping a cause.